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Christians Together in Knaresborough (CTiK) is a group of people in the town who try to live by the teachings of Jesus Christ and follow his way of life.  As a group we are similar to what other towns call ‘Churches Together’.  However, we have deliberately chosen to be ‘Christians Together’ so that we are clearly open to anyone in the town who considers themselves a Christian whether or not they worship in a Knaresborough congregation.  Our raison d’etre is to see the name of Jesus Christ lifted high in our town both amongst those who consider themselves Christian and those who have yet to meet Him personally.  We are mission focussed – our mission statement is

Christians Together in Knaresborough, united to:

Love God – through worship, prayer and study together
Love one another – through intentional relationship building, service to, and prayer for one another
Love the World – local and beyond, through joint witness, meeting local and wider needs together, challenging injustice with one voice, and living lightly.

We are run by a small group made up of local ministers and lay representatives from each Christian group or church, who meet quarterly to coordinate wider events and ensure accountability.  We do not see ourselves as a ‘committee’ but rather as a fellowship of those who love the Lord.

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See below for links to individuals websites and contacts for the Knaresborough congregations

Gracious Street Methodist Church


Anglican Team


St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church


United Reformed Church


Park Grove Methodist Church




3rd Place

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